To the Editor:

We are no longer the republic we once were with a government promoting the general welfare and protecting the God-given rights of the people. We are rapidly becoming an empire, creating a government for the benefit of the large corporations where they are considered sacred, rather than the people. An important example is the Military-Industrial Complex. So before the only power this nation has left comes at the end of a gun barrel, something must be done.

This over extension of our military and its London-Wall Street financial corporations based on speculation and greed are bankrupting this nation.

In the agricultural sector, farm prices are half of what they were five years ago and groceries cost about twice what they did. Net farm income is half what it was in 2013 and is expected to drop another 6.7 percent this year.

The next Wall Street crash will not be bailed out by the government without the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall.

The only congressional candidate with the courage to address the issues and propose tried and proven policies is Ron Wieczorek, Independent for Congress. Take the time to check out the four policies he is proposing:

• Restore the Glass-Steagall act

• Return to national banking

• Establish a federal credit system for infrastructure development.

• Space and fusion power crash program.

Ron Wieczorek is the candidate of the people and ideas, not of the parties. We need leaders in Congress, not followers.

Pat Collins