To the Editor:

Not long ago I had a nice visit with my recently retired dentist, Dr. Paul Miskimins. He gave me very good news. He is running for the state House of Representatives.

Paul is a South Dakota native, born in Kimball. He has been my dentist for 35 years. I've always appreciated his personable and conservative attitude. Now that he has retired, he is continuing a tough vocation, raising purebred cattle.

I shared with Paul my formula for winning a senate seat awhile back. We used the newspapers and radio and appeared in lots of parades. 1976 was the bicentennial year. We handed out hand cards by the thousands. I had four counties, McCook, Miner, Hanson and Sanborn.

But the best technique was personal door-to-door campaigning and phone calls. We had no idea of the work and time involved, so we began nine months early. Well, we did avoid campaign fatigue.

A fellow legislator called the Legislature "Full-time job, part-time pay."

Good luck and thanks, Paul.

Milton E. Nelson