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LETTER: Belief in God will help teach right from wrong

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To the Editor:

As a former South Dakotan born and raised near Yankton and a graduate of South Dakota State University, I feel compelled to write to you.

I am getting tired of hearing the NRA being bashed. They certainly aren't the cause of the school shootings. One of the causes I believe is our lack of belief in God. I'm not advocating any specific religion, but our country was founded with a belief in God. We need to have God in our lives to help us differentiate between right and wrong and how we are responsible for our neighbor. We don't have to like our neighbors, but we need to respect their rights.

As a former educator I strongly believe that we are forcing our children to grow up too soon. We don't let them be kids.

We are forcing educational skills on them when they need to be learning social skills and how to care about others. We treat our children like little adults. It's no wonder that they question authority. There's no easy answer to our world's problems, but we each need to do our little part. In the end it will make a difference.

Mary Magstadt

North Bend, Nebraska