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LETTER: Assault guns need to go

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To the Editor:

I have a question for our Congress, President, NRA and all other gun control support groups. How do you feel our gun control laws are working? If it's only that very few mentally ill people who have taken hundreds of lives with assault guns (and by the way, assault means an unlawful attempt or threat to harm another.) How is it working? And do not forget that famous Second Amendment, what would our forefathers say if they saw how it is being used to protect those inalienable rights? Fine, but do you think they were thinking of guns that can shoot hundreds of rounds of bullets in seconds? Not! They would more likely say if you cannot hit your target with six, eight or 10 shots, maybe you should not have a gun.

Assault guns have got to go and it has got to be now. Congress has got to act on the millions of Americans who are saying enough is enough and not tomorrow or next week but now!

Carmen Johnson,