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LETTER: Timing is everything

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

The Mitchell City Council and special interest groups know how to utilize timing to get things passed.

Take the pool. Make the pool an opportunity. Ignore the lake issues, sewer issue and drinking water issue and promise no tax increase. It passes.

Now bring up the lake, ignoring the other issues. Then when the money has been spent and debt incurred, bring up water and sewer. Now, taxes skyrocket or sewer and water rates become exorbitant.

Why can't the city officials be honest with the taxpayers?

Projects including sewer maintenance: $32 million; water updates: $70 million; lake project: $??,000,000; new city hall: $6-$8 million; and the list goes on.

They tell us these are child or quality of life issues. Are they really, or are they special interest projects?

The mayor indicates that the property values of the lake property are dropping and quality of life has to be preserved. Who has looked at the quality of life of the taxpayers that have to struggle with property taxes and other taxes the City Council has imposed? And let's not forget the increasing water and sewer rates. It appears that quality of life is only valued for the

young, not the retired homeowner that has to pay taxes, buy food and procure medicine. They have to pay while the others play.

It is time for the silent taxpayers to be heard. Why they haven't been active at the polls and City Council meeting is beyond my comprehension. If you want to continue to live in Mitchell, then it

is time for you to be heard.

The City Council says they want your input. They don't, but give it to them anyway. Tell them you want the lake issue brought up for a vote, then vote!

Mitchell taxpayers can not afford the costs being incurred by the administration. We are already the third highest taxed community in South Dakota.

Ed Potzler