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LETTER: Money, money, money

(metro creative)

To to the Editor:

Who are the officers of Prevailing Winds wind farm project and where do they live? President Ron Hornstra, Avon, and Erik Johnson, Avon, are the most local. Keith Thorstad, executive vice president, Chokio, Minnesota; Roland Jurgens, vice president, Chokio, Nick Serhen, vice president, Sioux Falls; Stevan Sevslzen, manager, Sioux Falls; Ronald Wagner, treasurer and secretary, Tyndall; David Mogek, manager, Tripp; Paul Dummer, manager, Lesterville; Bruce Voigt, manager, Avon.

Not any of these officers live in the footprint of the Prevailing Winds project. They will never experience the negative effect of wind turbines, sound, flicker, health problems, real estate devaluations, fire, no crop spraying with planes, hostile feeling between neighbors. Most are investors and their only concern is making money on their investment.

I would encourage investors of the general public to ask one of the officers if the financial books are audited. If they say yes, come and see me.

Edward Van Gerpen