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LETTER: Plenty of concerns with national government

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To the Editor:

I am writing this letter because of concerns that I have with our national government. To get this on our States agenda the resolution number is SJR3.

We need to pass term limits.

• It seems that things that are done in Washington are about what is good for the party more than what is good for the country.

• If we were to do what they have done we would be in jail. The slush fund set up to take care of the sexual accusations against them. It's tax payers money.

• The money they have borrowed from Social Security and never put it back, and then say that Social Security is going broke.

• They pass laws that don't apply to them like Obamacare. And vote themselves raises. I thought they couldn't pass laws that didn't apply to everyone.

• Spend more time trying to raise money for the party than working for the country.

• Won't put a balanced budget together.

• Won't fix the welfare system. Afraid they will lose votes. We do need a welfare system, but just to take care of people who cannot work, and to help some get started. Welfare recipients should not be able to make more than the people who are working. They should have do something to receive benefits, and only real food that they get at a store, no fast food, no tattoos, no illegal drugs, if they're caught, no more welfare. They should not be able to have more kids once they are on welfare.

• The borders need fixed to control who is coming to this country. If they want to become a citizen, then they need to learn the language, pledge to support the constitution, and put America first. If they try to change what this country stands for they lose their citizenship. The nation was founded on Christian principles. We must get back on those principles.

I know there are a lot of other concerns about what is going on in Washington D.C., and they need addressed. This would be a start.

Donald Bice