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LETTER: Misogynistic behavior is often invisible to men

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To the Editor:

Guys, listen up. Studies in psychology inform us that some male behavior is seen by women as misogynous. This seems invisible to men.

For example, a woman sitting alone in a bar might be joined by a strange man who behaves aggressively towards her. The woman may smile at his ramblings and even laugh softly. Women placate men as a form of self-defense against setting off an aggressor. But to male observers, it often appears to be a warm encounter.

Similarly, one might observe a man and woman walking together on a date. He moves to kiss her but she quickly responds with a warm hug. Men think this is affection when actually it's a boxing maneuver. Women have skills that allow them to reject men without creating animosity that could potentially hurt them.

Furthermore, cocky, controlling, self-centered behavior by men is often viewed by women as an assault on their psyche; thus, another misogynistic trait.

In these perilous times, women deserve respect. They are fearless leaders as they organize rallies and marches. Our state and country — all of us — definitely need more women elected to public office. Dave L. Wegner

Sioux Falls