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LETTER: Keep the 'good, sensible' non-meandered waters law

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

There has been a lot of talk about meandering waters and the regulations of them. We had a vote on that once and passed a good, sensible law so I hope Legislature doesn't spend a lot of time arguing about that and trying to redo it.

Now about the Dreamers situation — that is the more serious problem and involves a lot of people. They did not know at the time that their parents brought them into the country what their future would be; and of course, neither did their parents who brought them into the country. If you send them all back you are going to create a lot of suffering, and I do not think we want to do that. After all, they are still human beings. I think the best things for us to do is to accept them, educate them and make good, productive citizens of them.

John Zilverberg