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LETTER: Checking in on conflicts of interest

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To the Editor:

Rep. Mark Mickelson and his partner Paul Kostboth formed a company called A1 Development Solutions. Rep. Mickelson may directly benefit from CAFO construction which he is orchestrating — through his work as a legislator — to weaken zoning regulations from the state down to the local level.

This conflict of interest on Mickelson's part, which he disclosed in a statement of financial interest form filed with our secretary of state, presents just the sort of opportunity for self-dealing that South Dakotans voted to stop with the passage of IM 22. Mickelson then voted to roll back the protections voters put in place.

Is there middle ground on this issue? Maybe Rep. Mickelson could put his money in a solar power company instead, as long as he is not the prime sponsor of legislation to help solar power in South Dakota?

Frank Kloucek