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LETTER: A little help in our transition from Nebraska

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

My husband and I got a chuckle reading the editorial about sports being front page worthy. We recently moved to Mitchell from Nebraska and are having a hard time adjusting to the lack of NU football coverage (understood) up here. I applaud your decision to continue granting sports front page coverage. It's all about "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."

Two more cents.........

Best line in paper so far: "How much do I want to pay so my neighbor across the street can use the Rec Center?"

Best human-interest story: Our son visits us and notices our older dog has aged — now has a gray muzzle, moving slowly. Sister-in-law visits the following week and notices the same thing. While scanning the paper, she suggested I not read a certain article. It was about a reporter's dog aging and how he wondered about the length of her hunting days. When the spectacular Gracie Lu leaves us, I will read the article at her memorial. She has a slight case of bronchitis now and I am trying not to overreact.

Thank you Mitchell Republic for being a part of our transition to South Dakota.

Go Big Red!

Jeanie Shank