To the Editor:

Taxpayers of Mitchell, please do some researching before buying into the propaganda the mayor, media, Fyra and special interest groups are trying to sell us concerning Lake Mitchell.

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The $73,725 study to study the other studies will be presented to the City Council in January 2018. I am sincerely asking that the mayor and Mitchell Daily Republic and other media outlets host an unbiased panel discussion. One side would discuss why we should spend millions on the lake, while the other side would give reasons why it would not be feasible spending millions of dollars.

Furthermore, this panel discussion should be opened up to community input and questions from the audience. That would give both sides an equal playing field. Remember there are two sides to this very important issue.

We have $68 million of infrastructure that needs to be addressed. The city is $28 million in debt, and Main Street is still in a coma.

Mitchell is a great community, with great potential full of wonderful and talented people. Let's get our priorities in order first by recruiting good paying jobs and giving businesses and homeowners tax incentives instead of tax increases.

It's time to drain the swamp, and I am not talking about the one north of town. Thank you.

Tara Volesky