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LETTER: The rich get richer

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

Remember the lyrics to "Ain't We Got Fun" by Van & Schenck, 1921: "The rich get richer and the poor get children?"

Fun facts:

Forbes Magazine's estimate of Bill Gates' family's wealth: $81 billion.

Average 2017 value of S.D. farmland: $2,444/acre.

Multiply by 1 million acres: $2,444,000,000.

Multiply again by 33: $80.652 billion.

Divide 33 million acres by 640 acres/sq. mi. = 51,562.5 sq./mi.

Land area of S.D.: 77,184 sq./mi.

That's a parcel of land equivalent to two-thirds of the area of the state of South Dakota.

From another perspective: It's 3.5 times the total area of all the S.D. Indian reservations.

Ever wonder how the Russian "oligarchs" became billionaires, when 30 years ago there was communism? They just took it. Ever wonder how Natives ended up on reservations? No. We all know. The white man just took the land.

Ever wonder why the graduates of "Trump University" support the Republicans' "Tax Reform" package containing the repeal of the inheritance tax when the U.S. population is growing at a rate of 8,200 per day? All the rich had to do was just ask them.

Our congressional delegation should adopt the following catchphrase: "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!" — Depression era cartoon character J. Wellington Wimpy.

Jack H. Mueller