To the Editor:

One hundred million Americans are driven into poverty by the corrupted criminal operation of finance capital. The U.S. government has been looted of trillions of dollars and we are told there is no money for the population; Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare are on the chopping block. Russia, Syria and/or North Korea are not the national security crisis; poverty caused by the Wall Street system is. The U.S. has that urge afflicting Europeans since Alexander the Great of Greece, to dominate the world. It's demonstrated repeatedly that it's willing to sacrifice its own people and wealth to that end.

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However, the Wall Street owned two party political tyranny have called a stop to all progress toward economy formation, undermining the President's authority, and will have us forget President's success as the leader of G20, putting a halt to thermonuclear World War III and pursuing universal development. If Congress were actually concerned about the poor - instead of just lip service - they would work with Trump on a new "New Deal" type mobilization instead of riding the dead "but Russia" horse.

According to Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Russiagate has been proven to be a fraud. The U.S. citizenry must perform the necessary political intervention that can order the reorganization of the U.S. government, the U.S. Treasury, the Fed and Wall Street. Then fund the redevelopment of North America that can beat back the Wall Street directed Greatest Depression upon us. Millions of lives are at stake. We're wasting time. Implement Larouche's Four Laws. Contact your political representation. Contact the President.

Ron Wieczorek

Mount Vernon