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LETTER: Abortion is the problem

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To the Editor:

A recent letter (July 9) asserts that abortion "was not considered to be particularly troublesome until Catholic Pope Pius IX made it so in 1869."

This claim is false for several reasons.

• Abortion is not merely "troublesome." It is always the destruction of innocent human life.

• No Pope can change Divine Law. Abortion has been evil since the beginning of our universe. And the Church has taught so since the time of Jesus Christ.

• Abortion is not the purview of Catholics only. All people of good will are rightly shaken by this affront against our creator.

Abortion is the problem. Religious ideology does not justify turning a blind eye to the intrinsic evil that is abortion. It is most certainly against the Will of our Father in Heaven.

Abortion is never virtuous. It is heinous. The inward turning act amounts to no more than a despicable act against the defenseless.

With the current count of 58 million plus since 1972, coming to approximately one-sixth of our current population, this is telling of a problem in major proportions.

We must reach out to those who have procured abortion and teach them that our loving God calls them to forgiveness and new life.

Finally, we must reach out to those pushing and committing abortion to convey there are many worthwhile aspirations to be done worthy and well.

My Jesus, Mercy.

Deacon Nick Baus