To the Editor:

I recently heard a news reporter interviewing a man about his thoughts on the Democratic presidential candidates’ first debate. The man being interviewed said, “I thought they were all admirable.”

Blow me down! What I heard sounded like abandonment of moral determination.

Abortion on demand, homosexual advocacy, open borders, sanctuary cities, advocacy of Islam, banning the 10 Commandments and prayer, legalizing use of marijuana, ruling with bribes and privileges, campaigning on division and hate and the government owes us a living. The use of organized protest along with mob violence. The rudeness of their dissent during the hearings of Justice Cavanaugh. They are for judges who are ignore the U.S. Constitution and legislate from their bench, such as the case for “legalized abortion,” and homosexual advocacy. With the help of “fake news” and the “deep state,” they are trying to get rid of President Trump, change the Constitution and voting rules so that their opinion is the only opinion. These candidates are alarming.

I believe we need voter ID, citizens only voting and paper ballots for honest elections.

All the good legislation our nation does is done according to the precepts of the Bible II Chronicles 3:17: “Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” Always and forever we must strive to keep our covenant with the one true God. In God we trust.

Marvin Lau