To the Editor:

For many of us, our homes are our biggest investment, our largest asset. We spend much of our hard-earned incomes improving our homes, raising our families and living in what we have worked for. When my husband and I moved near Letcher nearly 11 years ago, we found what we were looking for: an old farmhouse sitting on 10 acres. We quickly forgot the urban nightmare we had left behind and made this what we thought would be our "forever home." Now we have the threat of a wind farm being built one mile from our home. We are worried, saddened and angry at this dire news. The proposed wind farm will have structures at least 400 feet tall. That is nearly the equivalent of a 40 story skyscraper. There will be several of these structures.

When we look out our windows now, we see verdant fields, homes full of families and children, and sky - lots of sky. It is beautiful. We have been told that these structures are not too loud. What does that mean? We can hear the dryers in our neighbor's corn bins in the fall - he is a mile south of us. We can also hear the songbirds in the spring, the geese in the fall, the silence of a snowfall in the winter. We do not want to hear the sound of the developers' greed throughout the year.

We are now faced with the prospect of a decline in our property values. The developers of this wind farm have said that there will be some decline. Our property is our biggest asset and investment and we will fight to keep it that way. We are angry, sad, and worried. It seems the only ones who will benefit will be the developers. Our community may see some income but at what cost? Quality of life? We ask our Sanborn County commissioners and planning and zoning advisors to deny this wind farm. If the developers think it is such a great idea, let them put it in their own backyard, in their own state.

Cynthia Gregg