To the Editor:

Regarding Nick Sabato’s column:

I have listened to Megan Rapinoe's message(s) and found it (them) wanting. Her foulmouthed profane language, so prevalent in what passes for discourse today, renders any message she may wish to convey null and void.

That someone who has achieved so much while representing this great nation and who may be a role model for a younger generation of girls should speak and act in such a way as she has is truly disheartening and disturbing.

It is certainly not worthy of emulation or praise! We certainly do not need “crossover figures” like her. As a chosen member of a team, the members of which are paid to play a game, and which represents the United States of America to the world, Rapinoe and her teammates need to put aside their personal emotions and arrogance long enough to be respectful of the nation they represent, along with its people, institutions, and customs.

You quote a portion of her speech given after the NY parade in which she says, “We have to love more, hate less...listen more, talk less...It's our responsibility to make the world a better place.” Perhaps she and her teammates could take the lead and show us the way by going to the White House and thanking the American people

and our President for their support and do it without any expletives!

One last thing ... Just because Rapinoe “is an incredibly talented soccer player” does not make her an expert on politics or interpersonal relations. We all need to get over elevating celebrities of any sort (athletes, actors, singers, politicians, and the wealthy) to authoritative positions as experts in anything outside of their own area of expertise or success. Future generations must learn to think for themselves rather than adopt the inane opinions of such shallow, self-righteous individuals.

Mark R. Mischnick