To the Editor:

We are sorry to announce that the Kaylor Opry will no longer be held at the Heritage Hall in Kaylor. We held an opry last month but attendance was poor and our building and parking lot have suffered from the amount of moisture this year as well, which helped lead us to this decision.

The Kaylor Opry is an entity of the SoDak Stamm Chapter of Germans from Russia Heritage Association and has been held the past eight years in an effort to preserve the area’s heritage in old time country and gospel music. With all the water we received this past year and with most of our members growing older and not living in the Kaylor community, it is difficult for us to continue with building maintenance and so the decision has been made to cease holding our events at the Hall.

We are grateful to those who came out to enjoy the programs and those who have been kind enough to bring along food to share for our potluck snack lunch. We also greatly appreciate those musicians who have come to Kaylor to sing and play just for the opportunity to play before an audience. We know that friendships and relationships have been formed among some of the musicians that would not have been had the Opry not been in existence. No doubt some of the musicians will continue to find ways to get together even though it will not longer be the Kaylor Opry.

We’ve had a good time and pleasant memories of the past years. A number of our faithful followers, musicians and SoDak Stamm members have passed away and we will cherish our memories of the Heritage Hall in Kaylor when the first Friday evening of the month from April until October was the place to be.

Pastor Dan Flyger

For SoDak Stamm