To the Editor:

The fireworks show on the Fourth of July in Mitchell was fantastic. Way to go, sponsors and Lew’s Fireworks of Watertown.

Special appreciation to Dustin Wee for all the time and work you put in for the fireworks show and the tribute fireworks for your grandpa, John P. Crater, after the regular show.

Dustin started this special firework tribute when his second cousin in Gann Valley died. He spent his own money buying the fireworks and getting it set up. He held it in Gann Valley for years. His great-uncle and aunt had the display at their place in Gann Valley.

When his grandpa Crater passed away he wanted to do something special for him. He did all the work, approving it with Lew’s Fireworks and whoever else he had to get permission from to hold it.

We don’t know all the time it takes to put on a show like this and make it safe. We are grateful to Lew’s Fireworks of Watertown for all the support and hard work helping Dustin make it all possible. You guys were great and it was awesome.

We loved the coverage The Daily Republic gave to Dustin and his tribute.

Alice Crater