To the Editor:

A couple weeks ago, Sen. John Thune gave a news release asking that the F-35 airplane be considered for a base at Sioux Falls. Thune is the head of the South Dakota congressional delegation, but John Thune is not a leader. Here is why I write this.

Weeks ago, I requested verification of a Senate vote regarding the Powder River Military Operations Area (a vote required by the Engel Act). No answer to that request has been received.

The South Dakota congressional outfit talks out of both sides of their mouths about the VA hospital in Hot Springs. The power of votes and money is in Rapid City where there are plans for a new VA hospital.

Beware Sturgis, the next step will be to close your VA Hospital. Veterans deserve more respect. Quit using them as cannon fodder for the benefit of powerful corporations.

The term national security is an ambiguous concept use by pork barrel packers and enhanced by their politics of fear to bleed the middle class people of their hard earned money for the security and greed of corporate America. President Eisenhower warned us about the threat of our military industrial complex and the imperialist tendency that follows.

Mr. Thune, share with the public what is written in these articles found at have to say about the F-35: and and .

It is up to us as citizens and patriots to demand that our government representatives use and share these sources of information with all of us.

Congress uses national security as pork barrel and campaign enhancement. Pimping for the military establishment that Eisenhower warned us about is the same as pimping in the flesh market.

Demand accounting of the expenditures of the Pentagon. Allocating excessive money for national security is a theft from our treasury and the needs of all of us. It should be a matter of principle and not of politics.

Marvin Kammerer

Rapid City