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LETTER: Dodd-Frank was treason, reinstate Glass-Steagall

To the Editor:

The passage of Dodd-Frank was a treasonous act against the sacred rights of people. The imposition of this act represented President Barack Obama's promise to maintain the systemic fraud in the financial system, which has made possible the pillaging of the American people at the hands of Wall Street. The bail-in bank account seizure provisions in Title II of the Dodd-Frank Act now threatens to unleash the greatest mass death through economic deprivation in human history and World War III.

Trillions were poured down the drain with quantitative easing, and death rates have skyrocketed. The amount of Americans in poverty has grown from 37 to 47 million during Obama's presidency, food stamp recipients have grown from 28 million to 47 million and one in five children are in poverty. Meanwhile the global derivatives bubble has grown to $2 quadrillion of worthless debt, endangering the entire world population as the collapse of the bubble will destroy the entire transatlantic economic system. $35 oil and $3 corn will destroy oil and ag investments, plus blow out the junk bond market. These economic conditions are but a faint foretaste of the economic implosion set for 2016 when the bail-in detonates in Europe and the U.S.

Members of Congress who refuse to condemn the Dodd-Frank Act will be held accountable under the Nuremberg criteria of "known or should have known." Pleas of ignorance will not remove their responsibility for the effects of their decisions.

The procedures of law must be held to the highest standard, that of Natural Law, which is not written by man but to which mankind is subject. This higher law is the requirement of the human species to progress. If the human species is not progressing in its development, Natural Law and the Constitution have been violated.

Dodd-Frank is treason and must be thrown out, while Franklin Roosevelt-style measures of emergency economic action must be taken. Glass-Steagall must be restored. Shut down Wall Street. Then we can throw its puppets Obama, Hillary, Trump and Barney Frank out. Call Congress on S. 1709, and HR 381 now before the collapse.

Ron Wieczorek

Mount Vernon