To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the article “Our View.” There’s a responsibility to owning a home, building or business.

I think if the city is going to be sending out letters to homeowners about painting their homes or maybe cleaning up tree branches, then I think they need to follow their own rules and maintain the properties they’re in charge of! I’m talking about Hitchcock Park in particular.

For at least the last two years now, when my wife and I go to the flower garden at the south end of the park — by the white gazebo — there’s a water fountain that is rusted and disgusting looking. Considering there are many weddings held there, I would think the city would replace it. It’s an embarrassment and not a good look for Mitchell. The city spent millions on the new pool, how about spending a little more and get a new water fountain? Also, while talking about keeping the park looking good, if you cross the road to the southwest of the fountain there are two rusty posts where there used to be two grills. Also an embarrassment and I would think a safety issue. This also has been like that for over two years.

Submitted photo
Submitted photo

I think it’s time for the city to make sure its properties are in order if they expect homeowners to keep their properties looking good. Here’s a couple of pictures. I hope The Daily Republic prints this letter and pictures.

Thank you.

Stewart Hanson