To the Editor:

There has been a lot of discussion in this paper regarding the arts. A couple of criticisms of the Area Community Theatre were met with a just “stay home” by James C. Van Oort. It is clear that the indoctrination he is receiving at Minnesota State University in order to earn a Masters degree in fine arts is working and he should be considered a trusted loyalist for the global ruling elite.

Then this paper reported on the Rural X conference recently held in Mitchell. I learned about the agenda being promoted by Laura Zabel of Minnesota, which is based on a manufactured crisis of a “rural/urban divide” that is not being solved by “traditional approaches.” That by reattracting “younger members of the community that have gone to college or other cities,” we can have “economic growth from the development of its artistic culture.”

The disturbing line is that rural communities need “to block out the naysayers that may not see the progressive cultural shifting within their local community in a positive light.” I was not surprised to learn that Zabel has been affiliated with the Aspen Institute Arts Strategy Group since 2012. Aspen is one of the umbrella organizations set up by the London based Tavistock Institute.

Tavistock’s mission is to set up a one-world authority, requiring the dissolution of America’s national sovereignty. Tavistock was set up after WWII and used some of Hitler’s most effective propagandists to develop mass mind manipulation programs. The so-called “progressive cultural shift” is a manufactured consensus whereby the people consent to replacing the authority of God, the traditional family, and the Constitution of the United States with a one-world government.

An important strategy in this cultural transformation is the indoctrination of the young, so their way replaces traditional ways by infiltrating education, mass media news, and yes…the arts. That is the real source of the “rural/urban divide” and Zabel is promoting it, not fixing it. Sad that the young are being manipulated into thinking that their God-fearing patriotic conservative parents and grandparents are killjoys, so they need to be blocked out.

Steve Sibson