OUR VIEW: Take a good look at the amateur tourney

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Wednesday, Mitchell continues its impressive end-of-summer run as South Dakota's baseball destination spot.

Amateur baseball teams from all over the state played this season to qualify for the state tournament, which begins Wednesday night and runs through Aug. 18 at Cadwell Park.

It was only about a week ago the Class A state Legion baseball tournament was held at Cadwell.

But, when the American flag is blanketed out for the opening ceremonies this evening, we know Mitchell's top baseball diamond will look like the gem that it is. It will be pristine.

In a span of about 30 days, Mitchell's Cadwell Park Sports Complex — and mostly Cadwell Park, itself — will have hosted about 170 ballgames. Handling that capacity of games is really an unprecedented accomplishment, as most people around the game just don't ever remember another facility taking on that type of workload in that time frame.


It really shows what Mitchell is capable of when the city and its groups like Mitchell Baseball Association (MBA) put forth the effort to stand out. We hope volunteer groups and sports organizations in Mitchell are taking note of the benefits this hard work brings in for our community.

It's regularly said that Cadwell is the best baseball park in South Dakota. And each summer, Mitchell and MBA make sure to welcome some sort of state tournament to town. This year, with state youth, Legion and amateur tournaments here, MBA really outdid itself.

But to have a successful community, overworking ourselves when the opportunity is there really needs to be a striving goal.

Mitchell has a new multi-million-dollar pool that we hope gets filled with swim meets as much as possible. There are endless opportunities for events at the Corn Palace, soccer tournaments at the Pepsi-Cola Complex north of town and our city has two sheets of ice for hockey and figure skating.

When these events come to town, people stay overnight in our hotels, shop on Main Street and boost our economy. If there's a sporting event out there that we can host, we should be waving our hands and fighting for it. Then, when we land it, we need to treat it like MBA does with state baseball tournaments — with wonderful hospitality, clean and welcoming facilities and great atmosphere.

As the state amateur baseball tournament returns to Mitchell after a year of hiatus, we're so excited for this 12-day tournament to get underway. Not only because the games will be good — and many great — but because the example Mitchell sets as a host for this tournament is a great reminder of the success our city has at its grasps in so many other arenas.

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