We’re all going through exhaustingly unprecedented territory.

Coronavirus. We’re tired of it, but our focus cannot let up. While cases continue to climb nationally, we need to remain vigilant in washing hands, being socially distant and following all CDC guidelines.

As Mitchell and South Dakota reopen for business, we’ll certainly see more cases of the virus spreading. We shouldn’t panic when that happens, but be reminded that each person should do their part to slow the spread.

A good mentality during this whole process goes a long way. Mental health is important, too.

That’s why as the spring presents warmer weather, we’re encouraged to see people enjoying outdoor activities.

State agencies in South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota have reported an increase in fishing licenses sales this year compared to a year ago. Last month, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department received some pressure to close several boat ramps to prevent nonresidents from visiting our towns and recreating on our waters. Instead, state officials chose to keep hunting and fishing opportunities open to everyone, what we thought was a good move by allowing people to make their own decisions for their health.

Last week, it was announced that the Mitchell Starlite Drive-In movie theater will reopen. So far, we’ve heard a lot of buzz and expect to see significant engagement once features start showing later this week.

Amateur baseball got underway on Sunday, with Mount Vernon playing at Lesterville. Team representatives said players practiced social distancing and fans were mostly in their vehicles to watch the game.

Local golf courses have been well-utilized so far, and we’re hearing that parks and recreation summer sports leagues have plans to play this summer.

All of these recreational activities are needed in a time like this -- as long as we’re doing them safely. They’re great getaways from the everyday frustrations we’re battling through.

Some people are unemployed. Some are working full time and then trying to teach their kids through e-learning. Students are missing out on traditional graduations.

In the end, we all need to weigh the risk whether to travel, attend a game, go fishing or dine at a local restaurant. Be smart about it, though, and take the needed steps to protect yourself when out and about. Pack hand sanitizer, practice social distancing, and, if you feel strongly enough, wear a mask.

The more exposed we are to the outside world, the higher opportunity there is to catch the virus. But we certainly can’t be cooped up in our homes hiding from this virus forever.