Teenager Floyd Korzan has helped make that word carry a special meaning in the Mitchell area.

In honor of his father’s battle against a dangerous form of leukemia, Korzan has started the Relentless Pledge. It is a non-profit organization that encourages patients to be as relentless as his father in their fight against cancer.

“We basically have two goals. The first one is to inspire others to overcome obstacles and dream their dreams. And the second part of the goal is to give a blue Relentless wristband to every cancer patient in Mitchell, our hometown, and eventually, if we get big enough, South Dakota and the United States,” Floyd said in a January front-page story with The Daily Republic.

That effort has grown to groups and individuals who make an impact to their communities, such as firefighters, first responders and police officers. The Relentless Pledge effort has drawn the attention of U.S. Rep. Dusty Johnson and groups like the football team at Dakota Wesleyan University. Korzan has given out wristbands to those fighting cancer both locally in Mitchell and at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where his father has had many of his treatments.

Those who are relentless, by definition, are determined and unflinching, unwilling to back down or yield. For those who have fought cancer or supported someone in that battle, many of those same traits are needed to face a difficult diagnosis.

We regularly ask young people to think and dream big and to believe anything is possible. Floyd Korzan is doing that, by giving people regular reminders that they can face accomplish so much by pursuing their dreams and overcoming obstacles. His story, and the story of his father’s cancer fight over the last eight years, is admirable.

“Together, you and I can be the change we hope to see in the world,” Floyd says in a letter about the pledge on his website.

All of it is pretty special from a teenager with a great view on life.