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OUR VIEW: Week in review: the best, worst

CHEERS to the community leaders in Mount Vernon, who have been working to open a new museum to honor the city's nearly 140-year history. The museum will have a number of historic items that have been donated or brought together by volunteers. Regardless of the size of the town, efforts like this are admirable to honor previous generations, while also preserving those items for the future. It's also a nice touch to use the community's former Catholic church as the home to the facility, keeping another historic building in use for Mount Vernon.

HISSES to the continued news about troubles with the Rosebud Indian Health Service. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services officials found additional issues last month, and that comes on the heels of shortcomings two years ago that forced the temporary closure of the emergency room and permanent closures of the surgical, obstetrics and gynecology units. The Rosebud IHS has until the end of the month to fix the problems.

Considering the geographic and economic realities of the Rosebud Indian Reservation, noting the critically important nature of these charges seems like an understatement. The Indian Health Service has been without permanent leadership for all of 2018, as well, with no confirmed appointment from President Donald Trump. The pressure should continually be applied to leaders in Congress to make sure this doesn't continue any longer.

CHEERS to the great community efforts to take place over the last week. Specifically, the 38th United Way Day of Caring was held on Aug. 15, as members of the community spread across Mitchell to assist with 22 community projects, such as landscaping and painting. And on Aug. 19, freshmen students at Dakota Wesleyan University stepped up for the university's annual food drive for the Mitchell Area Food Pantry, collecting items around the city. For the new Tigers, classes start on Tuesday, and we appreciate their efforts to help their new hometown right from the start.