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OUR VIEW: Hisses and cheers

CHEERS to all of the candidates who put themselves out there for us. Many will lose despite their best efforts and the support of loyal followers. We wish everyone who took the time, effort and money to give the voters a real choice the best of luck on Tuesday. Each of us can thank the candidates by voting.

HISSES to candidates who decided to go negative in the final weeks of their campaigns. They long ago researched and stored these gotcha attacks for use in the final days of the campaign when they are most effective. If the attacks were real issues, wouldn't the candidates have hauled them out for our inspection long ago? We see negative ads at this point in the campaign because they work. They will continue to work unless we stop paying attention to 99 percent of negative attacks launched in the final days of a campaign, when there is little time for anybody to verify the truth or note the circumstances.

CHEERS to the contractors and architects who are completing the indoor aquatic center addition to the Mitchell Recreation Center on time. The new indoor pool is almost here and it's beautiful. Generations of Mitchell families and their children will be able to enjoy it, stay healthier because of it, and strengthen their sense of community by visiting friends there.

HISSES to anyone dumping anything in Lake Mitchell without first seeking proper authority. We've got some old lawn clippings that are covered in bacteria. That doesn't mean we should be able to dump them in the lake because we think it will help solve the phosphorus problem. Rules exist for a reason. What's good for one is good for all. If one person thinks they can break a rule because they know better, why can't everyone, regardless of the true consequences?

HISSES to scammers working telephones in the Mitchell area. The Mitchell Police Division recently became aware of several apparent scam telephone calls. Be wary of providing any personal or financial information. These callers can be sophisticated, put you in a panic, and only later will you regret a rash reaction made in a moment of stress.

CHEERS to the volunteer board of the Mitchell Housing Authority, which stepped up to preserve Meadowlawn Plaza low-income apartments for future generations. Your efforts and steady hands during a time of great changes will be appreciated by thousands of people in Mitchell for years to come.