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OUR VIEW: Week in review: the best, worst

HISSES to the news about the emerald ash borer making an appearance in Sioux Falls. The state avoided infestation for years, but the slow spread westward through the Midwestern states might have made this news inevitable for South Dakota. Unfortunately, that means the deaths of numerous trees, but the best way to limit emerald ash borer concerns is to limit the movement of firewood. Considering camping season is upon us, hopefully residents and visitors take this seriously.

CHEERS to the news regarding Mitchell Technical Institute earning a spot in in the top-10 in the Aspen Institute's 2019 rankings of the best community and technical colleges in the country. Specifically, MTI was recognized for its efforts in student retention and success that the school has invested heavily in the last three years. It's fitting the recognition occurs during graduation season, considering the hard work needed to earn a diploma and MTI's efforts to aid student success should be celebrated.

HISSES to the crime news of the week, regarding an overnight robbery Wednesday at a Mitchell laundromat. Public safety authorities deserve to be applauded for catching the suspect within about eight hours of the crime. But there's been a couple of these crimes in recent weeks and for a community that values its small-town feel, it's a disconcerting trend to see violent crimes continue in Mitchell.

CHEERS to the news this week about the Corn Palace mural designs for 2019. And while all of the murals will take on a military theme and honoring our nation's servicemembers, it's worth specifically noting the mural that will recognize our nation's Native American Code Talkers. They were critical to the United States' success in World War I and World War II by encrypting strategic messages through their native languages. The mural is not a large gesture but it's nice to see the recognition for our nation's war-time heroes.