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OUR VIEW: Hisses and cheers

CHEERS to Peggy Greenway, who last week was featured as part of the Senate Agriculture Committee's Women's History Month project.

Peggy and her husband, Brad, are Mitchell pig farmers who also raise beef, cattle, corn, beans, wheat and alfalfa.

In South Dakota, there are approximately 29,700 male farmers and 2,300 female farmers, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. It's not surprising that the job is a male-dominated field, but it's important to applaud the women like Greenway who help put food on tables across the nation and the world.

HISSES to the news that narcotics remains the primary fight for the Mitchell Area Crime Stoppers group. Sixty percent of the group's tips in 2017 were related to potential drug crimes, far outpacing any other crime locally.

Any effort to pull drugs and those who peddle them off the street is appreciated, and the efforts of law enforcement don't go unnoticed. But equally important, in the case of Crime Stoppers, are the tips that help solve crimes. Each of these elements are crucial and help to keep Mitchell a community of which we can be proud.

CHEERS to the return of baseball, both locally and professionally. Of course, Major League Baseball opened its season on Thursday and the favorite team for most in our area — the Minnesota Twins — is expected to be contenders.

Closer to home, the Dakota Wesleyan University baseball team opened its home schedule Friday and the Mitchell High School baseball team will open the season Tuesday at home. There are also more high school teams in the state than ever before, making it easy to catch area games this spring, as well.

Weather will likely thwart a few April games but a chance to return to the ballpark is a welcome thought for many, and a reminder that summer will soon be here.