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OUR VIEW: Hisses and cheers

CHEERS to the readers who reached out and participated in our Lake Mitchell poll over the last few weeks.

We asked readers on Facebook, Twitter and in the print edition how they favored a proposed $7.62 million dredging plan, and the results show locals are ready to act on Lake Mitchell's algae issues.

According to the responses, 568 voters support dredging the lake, while only 297 oppose such a plan. Whether those people support currently unlicensed Fyra Engineering to oversee the project is a different story altogether.

But we're glad to have some sense of what Mitchell residents think about the dredging plan, and the high amount of responses shows how much people care about the issue.

HISSES to the threat of gun violence that delayed the start of Corsica-Stickney High School on Monday.

It's disappointing when national issues find their way into South Dakota culture, and we're saddened to hear a juvenile in the Corsica-Stickney area found no other recourse in their situation but to threaten gun violence at the local school.

The gun reform debate is creeping its way in to South Dakota, a debate in which we should all tread carefully. But we feel as though authorities in Aurora and Douglas counties, as well as Mitchell-area gun reform forums at Mitchell High School and Dakota Wesleyan University, are a strong step toward civility when discussing a matter which can become uncivil very quickly.

CHEERS to the Dakota Wesleyan University women's basketball program, which took home the NAIA Division II national title last week.

We've cheered the DWU championship squad a lot lately, but they just took home the title. Don't they deserve one more cheer?