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City proposing $4.1 million property agreement to aid Lake Mitchell’s water quality

Our view: Sports is front-page worthy

We get calls every so often in which readers try to remind us we have a section dedicated to Sports.

These calls come in because some people think sports content shouldn't touch the front page of the newspaper no matter what. All of our readers have a right to their opinion. They pay for our product, and we provide a service. So their thoughts matter to us.

Lately, we've received a few more of these calls, emails and letters from our readers. That's because we've been putting a few more sports-angled stories and photos on the front page, or page one, which is what our readers see on the newsstand or the first page they see in the morning when unfurling the newspaper.

In Saturday's edition, for instance, we had a story on Mike Miller returning to Mitchell to help commemorate a night for longtime Mitchell High School basketball coach Gary Munsen.

The day before, we had a photo package of the Mike Miller Classic basketball event, and in the past two months we've covered the Mitchell boys basketball team and area high school football champions on the front page.

These are huge stories and events for Mitchell and the surrounding area. When the Gregory High School football team capped its second straight undefeated season with a state football title in November, that's massive news for the people in that community.

And, no other daily paper chooses to cover it like we do.

Sports are a really big deal in South Dakota, especially high school sports. So, sometimes, we make the decision that sports news is big enough to be featured front and center.

When an annual basketball classic draws thousands to the Corn Palace over a span of three days, we're going to capture it and make it prominent for our readers.

Each day, our news staff and editors sit down to determine what the best plan for the paper is — and many times we recognize the most interesting topic or news event is sports related.

And, quite frankly, many times sports events have great moments — and their photos draw readers' appeal. We love when our front page stands out and captivates our readers.

To relegate sports to an inside page just because it's sports doesn't make sense to us. Sports is news, too.

So, in the coming weeks, as high school basketball season heats up, when state champions are crowned and local teams are competing at national tournaments, expect to see Sports on page one of The Daily Republic.