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Our view: Hisses and cheers

HISSES to the arctic chill that blasted the Midwest over the New Year's holiday weekend.

Actual temperatures of 20 degrees below zero? Wind chills as low as 40 degrees below zero? Yikes.

We hope everyone was safe over the holiday weekend and remembered to bundle up when they had to battle the frigid winter air. We think of all the first responders such as law enforcement and firefighters who were on duty serving us and ensuring our safety while they were out and about in the cold.

We also think of the farmers who were doing chores while facing sub-zero temps. We're glad to hear no reports of injuries due to the cold — and we're looking forward to a slight warm-up this week.

CHEERS to a strong crowd Friday night at the Mike Miller Classic, when Miller himself was in attendance for a commemorative evening for longtime Mitchell coach Gary Munsen.

We were glad to see so many people showed up for Friday night's event as it was a clear reflection of the impact Munsen had on so many people throughout Mitchell.

For at least one night, it was great to have Munsen's name on the Corn Palace floor, a second home to the coach for more than four decades.

We also applaud another great year of the basketball event as it brings some of the top-rated talent to Mitchell for a weekend of basketball.

HISSES to the news that grocery stores in Tyndall and Tripp will be closing at the end of the month.

Owner RF Buche last week told The Daily Republic he's closing CashSmart in the two southeastern South Dakota towns due to both of the stores' financial struggles.

While we understand this was a business decision, we feel bad for the residents of Tripp and Tyndall, who will be without a local grocery store and will have to travel just to get some bread and milk.

Hopefully there are options explored in the near future, but the outlook isn't looking great as these stores have struggled in the past.