LETTER: Mr. Trump, j’accuse ...

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To the Editor:

Dear Sen. Thune, Sen. Rounds, and fellow South Dakotans,

Is it safe to say that none of us like what we are seeing? Daily, evidence is mounting that our current president may have dangerously abused the power of his office.

I beg all of you to carefully and dispassionately read and reread the “transcript” of the Trump/Zelensky phone conversation — keeping in mind that it is only this Administration’s representation of the actual conversation. Please look carefully at the location of Mr. Trump’s words, “I would like you to do us a favor, though.” In my reading of it, Mr. Trump is apparently bribing a foreign head of state, linking financial/military aid (already appropriated by Congress) to Zelensky’s efforts to discover dirt on Joe Biden, Trump’s foremost opponent in the upcoming elections (and, the Mueller report, as well!). Can this possibly be acceptable Presidential behavior in our American democracy?

Together, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, we need to authorize a thorough and immediate investigation. Yes, unfortunately, this means initiating impeachment hearings. Our visionary founders crafted this safeguard into our constitution to give Congress the capability to protect and maintain the careful balance and separation of power needed to ensure that our executive branch cannot easily transform from lawful presidency to unleashed self-promotion and dictatorship.


South Dakotans, our voices have potential strength. We are the heartland of rural America. Without further hesitation, let’s address this issue now so we can reunite and craft bipartisan solutions to the urgent matters that are imperiling this country and our world.

Dorinda Glennon


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