EVERSON: Working to make Mitchell a better place


This fall some changes will be noticed around the new Corn Palace Plaza. The Jitters building, the building immediately south of the old NorthWestern Energy offices, will be demolished. The asbestos has been removed from the facility, and now we are preparing to raze the building, making more green space for the plaza area. That will leave the current Scoreboard building and the former office building for NorthWestern Energy as the only structures in that block. The office building is property the city has, while the Scoreboard is a property controlled by the Chamber of Commerce.

As for those two buildings, we (the city) have some ideas that are being looked at, but since they are just discussion points at this time, I am not ready to reveal what those ideas might be, lest we toss the proverbial monkey wrench into the works and take the ideas out of play. Ultimately, the area will add to the plaza on the south side of the Corn Palace.

We have also set into motion the burial of the utility lines that run down the alley from Sixth Avenue to Fifth Avenue, getting rid of the wood power poles through that space. This will help clean up the Corn Palace Plaza, and add to its appeal.

This fall we are expanding the function of the compost drop-off site.

The area will open at 8 a.m. and close at sundown so residents have more available hours to drop off their leaves and yard clippings. Cameras have been added to ensure compliance. If unacceptable drop-off occurs, we will review the camera data and fine the party in violation of the rules. Compost materials being transported to the drop-off site are still required to be covered to prevent them from blowing out of the hauling device and becoming someone else's problem. The extended hours at the compost drop-off site will give residents a great deal more opportunity to use the site.

At Tuesday's council meeting, the nuisance ordinance was discussed. We are working to address nuisance issues within the city to keep it looking good for visitors and residents alike. We can use your help as well. Please take pride in Mitchell. If there are areas we need to address, please let us know, we will work to address them. I do ask that you do not complain anonymously. Put your name on your letters or other correspondence.

I have asked all the city employees to pay attention to areas as they move about Mitchell, and inform the appropriate person, or persons, when something requires attention. We can all work together, and I hope we will. It is not always necessary for the city to get involved in every issue; sometimes a friendly, neighborly request will get the job done faster than complaining to the authorities. Let us try to work together — we can all make Mitchell a better place.