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Our view: Hisses and cheers

CHEERS to the great representation from regional girls high school basketball teams that played in their respective state tournaments last week.

In The Daily Republic's coverage region, we count five teams that qualified for state — including Hanson, Ethan, Tripp-Delmont/Armour and Avon at the Class B tournament and McCook Central/Montrose at the Class A tournament.

That's impressive to have so many quality basketball teams in the area, and we applaud all the hard work of each player and coach that went into the successful season. We hope the positive memories that were gained last forever.

HISSES to Fyra Engineering, the firm set to pitch a Lake Mitchell restoration plan to the Mitchell City Council.

The firm failed to acquire a South Dakota engineering license in the 2.5 years since first speaking with the Lake Mitchell Advisory Committee, and that realization couldn't have come at a worse moment for the city.

While it appears a subcontractor for the firm has an engineering license in South Dakota, the fact that Fyra determined it could go without paying the trivial application fee for an engineering license shows a lack of common sense on behalf of the company. And it leaves Mitchell in a precarious situation, giving the city no option but to second guess the firm's integrity.

We commend whoever found out about Fyra's lack of a proper license, as it saved the city from possible legal actions down the road. We only wish the people who continue to stand by this firm in spite of their flaws would admit their mistake and kick this company to the curb.

As Mitchell City Councilman Mel Olson said, the people of Mitchell deserve better.

CHEERS to all of the emergency personnel and first responders who still went to work Monday and Tuesday, despite an early-March blizzard that blasted most of eastern South Dakota.

The snowstorm closed schools, shut down Interstate 90 and Interstate 29 and many local businesses closed shop for a couple days, but law enforcement officers, firefighters and paramedics were still expected to go to work and be ready to battle the conditions, if called upon.

Thanks to all of you.