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SMITH: An important time to be thankful

Senior year of high school brings several conflicting emotions.

Everything seems simultaneously more important and more trivial. Significance lies with every event we attend: the last first day of school, the last pep rally, the last homecoming week.

We take more time to reflect, to soak everything in in the moment, to ensure this time in our lives is ingrained in our memories.

However, the itch to continue on with our lives is undeniable. We are eager for change; after all, this is the fourth first day of school, the fourth pep rally, the fourth homecoming week. We are filling out college applications, scholarship applications, attending college visits, and deciding what to major — while still dealing with school lunches, sports practices and high school drama.

As much as we enjoy and savor every last moment, we are constantly looking forward to our future. As one of the 187 seniors at Mitchell High School, I cannot speak for my classmates; but for me, senior year is filled with these mixed emotions.

Regardless of how senior year is perceived — whether we want to stay in the present forever or press fast-forward to our futures — at this time of year, we must take a moment and just say thank you to our teachers, our coaches, our parents and our friends who have been there for us through every step of our high school careers.

I know that as excited I am to take the next step in my life, I would be ungrateful if I didn't express appreciation to all those who have supported me throughout the years.

Thank you.