To the Editor:

My wife and I were sitting down to a nice meal in Oacoma - after a beautiful drive from Sioux Falls - when we spied David W. Hitch's cartoon asserting that Nancy Pelosi had threatened President Trump with impeachment (Wednesday, May 29). Since we had met so many kind and fair-minded people on our trip across South Dakota (and live near Pelosi's district in California) we felt the obligation to correct the record.

Anyone who has paid attention to national politics lately knows that Speaker Pelosi has been an effective and reasoned opponent of impeachment. Your readers will remember her statement in March (referring to the impeachment of President Trump) that "he's not worth it." Even with increasing pressure from some Democratic members of the House after Director Mueller's May 29 news conference, she stated that "you don't bring an indictment, or you don't bring an impeachment, unless you have all of the facts."

Given this history, only a cynical and deliberately deceitful editorial cartoonist could portray Speaker Pelosi sending a vulture labeled "IMPEACH" after President Trump.

Mike Reitsma and Pam Buckley

Burlingame, California