To the Editor:

I participated in the Mitchell clean up days that the city sponsored after the snow and ice storm that hit Mitchell in April. I live on North Harmon Drive and have many trees that were severely damaged by the ice clinging to branches and even lost a couple of very large tree branches.

My grandson and his friends came to my home and cut up and gathered all the debris and piled it along North Harmon Drive as the city advertised they would have city personnel available on the regular garbage pickup day to haul away the debris. (I am elderly and unable to do this type of work any more.)

North Harmon is a narrow street without boulevards or sidewalks. Fortunately, my lot had a large area along the street where branches could be piled. Several of my neighbors came with trailers and pickups filled with branches and piled theirs on my pile because they had little room at their home. As a result, I had a huge pile of branches to dispose of.

Monday, the day of regular pickup, at 8:25 a.m., I had to drive into the city. Upon arriving at the corner of North Harmon Drive and Highway 37, I met a convoy of two large front-end loaders and three or four city dump trucks turning onto North Harmon Drive.

When I returned home later in the day, not only was the huge pile of branches gone but the area had been raked and no debris of any kind remained. Amazing.

Dan J. Koupal