To the Editor

An article from The Daily Republic May 4, Mitchell Street and Sanitation Supervisor Kevin Roth states: "It's not just about educating Mitchell residents, because we have to educate about 30 communities in all of the combined counties that use the landfill."

It seems that as a community of trash-generating malcontents, we are illiterate in the fine art of garbage handling. Mr. Roth offers a course in community refuse education possibly for another $4 monthly fee.

In the 1980s after the city began whining about my garbage, I commissioned Miedema Sanitation to perform that task. A great move but I still pay the city a fee for garbage collection. Even after voluntary aluminum can recycling, mindless environmentalists decided that the city should become involved in a not-so-voluntary recycling program and that we should sort and clean our recyclable garbage, lug it out to the curb and lug it back to the house when some of it is rejected. They also decided that we should be required to pay an involuntary recycling fee on top of the free labor to handle and prep it.

If we are so tight on landfill space, why is it necessary to take garbage from Hutchinson, Miner, Douglas and Sanborn counties? Do you understand how easy it is to claim that your recycling practices are actually adding to overall local air pollution by doubling the amount of vehicle emissions necessary to pick up garbage?

I intend to continue to separate my recyclables for the near future but I will lug it out with my garbage and let Miedema Sanitation decide what to do with it. At least Miedema Sanitation appreciates my business, they send me a Christmas card and a calendar every year. The city just sends me a big, fat, beautiful bill every month on the finest paper that money can buy, even

though they automatically rake my account.

Ray Berlin