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LETTER: Neighbors, locals know Sutton best

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To the Editor:

As a one of the closest neighbors to the Suttons, last week things took a new and disappointing turn in the South Dakota governor's race when a Kristi Noem TV ad, featuring four Gregory County residents portraying themselves as Billie's "neighbors," criticized him for misrepresenting his beliefs in the campaign.

As an actual neighbor of the Suttons, it's really disappointing people would claim to be Billie's "neighbor" in a partisan attempt to tear down a good and honest man. The fact is, all of the people in the ad are politically-motivated party insiders who have served as a delegate to state or national party conventions.

I also really question Noem's use of a convicted felon in the ad. Her ad features someone who was involved in a highly-publicized criminal case. It seems Noem has gotten desperate and is willing to do anything to try to tear down her opponent.

The truth is, if the claims about Billie Sutton made in Noem's ad were true, the people of Gregory County and District 21 wouldn't have elected him to the legislature four times. Billie's real neighbors love and respect him. Everything about this attack ad makes me question Kristi Noem's ethics, values, and judgment — not Billie Sutton's.

Dr. John Malm