Everyone needs to get involved to help make Mitchell shine a little brighter.

City officials are taking that approach to a heightened level now to better enforce Mitchell's nuisance code.

Mitchell Mayor Bob Everson wants a friendlier, more-visible approach to ensuring our city looks like a welcoming community. It's a sound thought in an area we can certainly improve, and we hope Mitchell residents hear Everson's call for help.

Let's not be shy: Some areas in Mitchell really need a clean up due to unsightly buildings, overgrown lawns and unusable vehicles parked seemingly for good. Sure, some people may have a reasonable excuse, but in many cases laziness is the main culprit. One bad property can spoil a neighborhood.

Those problems certainly aren't everywhere - and the issues have not reached an urgent point. That's thanks to the work of the city's code enforcement officer. But one person can only do so much.

Among the discussion at a Mitchell City Council meeting earlier this month was a plan to label the city's code enforcement truck, so residents know if the vehicle is in the neighborhood. It's a good first step, as it will give a nice little reminder to those residents who don't prioritize lawn mowing, snow shoveling and general maintenance for their property.

We hope all Mitchell residents want what is best for our the city, but we know not everyone cares as much as the next person.

So, as Mayor Everson has called to the residents of Mitchell, speak up. Say something. But do it the right way - don't nitpick. There's a difference between a person who has a summer's worth of weeds in their backyard and a person who hasn't mowed for a couple days. Use some common sense judgment.

Keeping Mitchell clean and tidy isn't something we should be fearful about as a community. Ultimately, it's for the greater good.