CHEERS to all of the South Dakota Hall of Fame inductees, especially the two area residents earning one of the state's highest honors. Kennebec's Rod Bowar and Mitchell's Roger Musick are both great examples of hard-working business leaders who have made impacts on the state and its residents. More importantly, both have proven to be important members of our communities, serving on various boards and committees away from their day jobs. Congratulations to them once again.

HISSES to the report about the impending costs of wastewater treatment infrastructure around the state, a bill of about $160 million for the state's municipalities. Frankly, wastewater and sewer upgrades are not items that citizens spend much time thinking about until the systems fail. And in many South Dakota communities, those systems are either old or are distressed, which can cause issues.

Various forms of state and federal funding have been a key segment for cities and towns to pay for these upgrades and will be worth preserving in the future. Similarly, municipalities have to plan and take ownership of the issue, making planning and saving for infrastructure a priority.

CHEERS regarding the news of Mitchell Technical Institute's enrollment seeing a slight bump for the fall 2018 semester. Importantly, the school has seen growth in some key majors, including the electrical, heating and cooling, construction and manufacturing careers. Electrical Construction and Maintenance, for example, has nearly 100 students and is the school's most popular program of study. All of the fields are key parts of the workforce that will need graduates and it's good to see both MTI and the students filling some needs that will be helpful for rural South Dakota. Similarly, the Build Dakota scholarship program and the employer-backed Double Edge programs at MTI continue to be a success for college students, allowing them to live and work in our state.