LAKE ANDES-A man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl in April in Lake Andes was released on bond for the second time this week.

Devonta Brown, 33, pleaded not guilty to first-degree rape and aggravated incest the same day.

Brown was arrested on May 3 and was originally held on a $20,000 cash-only bond. On May 31, following an informal bond hearing, he was released on a $1,000 cash bond, and a temporary protection order was put in place that required Brown to stay at least 600 feet away from the girl.

The same day, a family member of the alleged victim contacted the Charles Mix County Sheriff's Office and reported that the residence where Brown was staying was closer to the alleged victim's home than allowed by the protection order.

"I found it interesting that he was allowed to get out at the beginning of Fish Days, which is a carnival on our Main Street full of children," the family member, who asked to remain anonymous pending trial, told The Daily Republic on Friday. "I didn't like that."

On June 3, the same family member contacted law enforcement to report that Brown had been near the residence multiple times and had been within four feet of another child included in the protection order. Brown was then arrested again and charged with violating a protection order, a Class 1 misdemeanor.

At Brown's hearing Monday morning, Judge Bruce Anderson granted the state's motion to revoke bond, then reimposed bond with specified restrictions. Brown cannot live within 600 feet of the victim - a measurement Anderson said he uses because it's about the length of two city blocks - and he has to take alternate routes to avoid driving within 600 feet of the victim's home.

Brown indicated in court that he had a place to stay that was allowable under the protection order.

"You don't mess with them rules, or you will be sitting in jail until your trial," Anderson told Brown.

Brown was released on a personal recognizance bond, and the $1,000 he paid the first time he was let out on bond was retained.

The family member who reported both Brown's original charges and the alleged protection order violation said she's happy with the level of communication she's had with the Charles Mix County State's Attorney's Office, but that she's worried about Brown being free in the community.

"He was given the right to a fair bond, yet it didn't seem like (the alleged victim) was given the right to be protected a little more thoroughly," the family member said. "We were stunned when he was let out ... we didn't understand why."

A jury trial is scheduled for Sept. 23. If convicted of the charges pending against him, Brown could be sentenced to up to life in prison if convicted of rape, a maximum of 15 years for aggravated incest, and a year for violating a protection order.