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LETTER: Morals quickly deteriorating

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To the Editor:

Wow, another shooting. The morals and values in America sure have been deteriorating for years.

• When our government in the early '60s was importing illegal drugs from Vietnam because they enjoyed using the drugs themselves along with movie stars. Research proves that crimes are committed by the excessive use of drugs that has deteriorated their minds, along with alcohol abuse.

• When our government decided to remove prayers from schools in the 60s. The majority of people don't even know that Jesus walked this earth in human form for 40 days after His crucifixion and resurrection on Easter Sunday.

• When our government decided to legalize abortion in the early '70s (Roe vs. Wade). For several generations now, people have no respect for human life, no conscience for killing others. I watched "A Right to Life" film of an abortion being performed on a woman eight months pregnant. First, a large syringe with a needle was stabbed in the skull to suck out the brains to reduce the size of the baby's head so the baby could pass through the birth canal and when that didn't work, the baby's arms were removed. I believe now that late stage abortions have been stopped, but we still have some Democrats in our government saying it is the woman's choice and the procedures are paid by taxpayers. There is no reason for abortion with America's medical technology with the pill or shot within 48 hours even for the victims of rape or incest.

Soon spring break will be here with young college girls on sandy southern beaches with their G-string bikinis, dancing, drinking, smoking pot and inviting the male students with their revolting behavior, when on other days in college they pretend they're angels. I was told more than 60 years ago as a teenager, "You play with dirt, you'll get dirty," or better yet Jesus said in the Bible, "What ye shall sow, ye shall reap." Mark, Chapter 4, 1-14 verses.

The majority of rape is usually committed by a person the female knows or acquainted with. Example: actor Bill Cosby.

Darlene Wadleigh

Mount Vernon