To the Editor:

I am deeply disappointed in the City Council. Tonight, one councilor truly represented her constituents, Susan Tjarks. She voted to support her constituents opposing the rezoning of the property on the corner of West Eighth Avenue and Minnesota Street.

The City Council's vote to approve rezoning the property from residential to commercial was contradictory to their very own City Code for the intent and purpose of rezoning. A minimum of 156 acres of commercially zoned property is available for sale and is, as cited in the City Code, " ... most appropriate ... " for Dave Bechen's business. But the desires of one person outweighed the overwhelming opposition of 138 Mitchell citizens. A plethora of facts, evidence, and observations were presented to the City Council to no avail. They chose in favor of one to impose his will over an entire neighborhood as well as a host of Mitchell residents and property owners. How shameful and disgraceful.

To cite an old cliché, "the fix was in." My wife found a quote by Shirley Chisum, "When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses."

To the 137, aside from me, that signed the petitions, and those who attended the meetings providing immense support, I thank you, and I apologize that I couldn't have done more or better.

To the City Council members who voted against us, you are a disgrace to this community and your constituents.

Dwight D. Stadler