To the Editor:

A select group of South Dakotans were invited to listen to President Trump at a $500-per-person event for Kristi Noem. $5,000 more got them a picture with Trump.

In contrast, everyone, regardless of wealth, gender, race, age, occupation, or political affiliation, is welcome at Billie Sutton's events. The Sutton campaign wants to hear and listen to every South Dakotan, not just those with money and influence.

Sutton works tirelessly representing South Dakotans in our state legislature. Noem has compiled one of the worst voting records in Congress. In a recent series of six congressional votes important to South Dakota agriculture, Noem cast zero votes.

Sutton works to promote South Dakota agriculture interests; Noem passed an opportunity to sit on the House Agriculture committee and write the next farm bill. Apparently Noem doesn't believe South Dakota ag producers are valuable; big money of Washington is more important.

Sutton has been a strong voice for education, advocating to improve our K-16 system for students and teachers. He understands the importance of a quality education. Noem's position on education is nonexistent. She supports Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, advocate for privatizing public education benefiting the rich.

Sutton advocates for quality,reasonably-priced healthcare for all South Dakotans. Noem's congressional votes have supported Big Pharma, powerful insurance companies, and quality health insurance only for the wealthiest of Americans.

Noem falsely accuses Sutton of supporting a state income tax and pushing through a sales tax increase passed by a Republican legislature and Governor. She supports a Washington trade war, including tariffs, which will wreak havoc with South Dakota's agricultural and business economy.

Sutton reaches across party lines for the best for South Dakota, Noem's record in Congress is one of extreme partisanship; instead of serving the voters she is supposed to serve.

South Dakotans have a clear choice this year. Do we support Kristi Noem who may have gone to Washington as an everyday South Dakotan but returned as a Washington insider? Or, Billie Sutton who has worked tirelessly within our state to advocate for every South Dakotan regardless of economic status or political affiliation?

Dean Christensen

Clear Lake