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LETTER: Time to bring balance to SD government

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To the Editor:

When I was a youngster, up the block lived an elderly couple. She was baker of apple pies — the best ever. Her husband was my wordless mentor. When I wanted to build a birdhouse, he handed me the materials. When my bicycle tire went flat, he handed me a wrench. If I was on the right track, he nodded. When I was making a mistake, he raised an eyebrow — always the left one.

In the fall of 1952, a button on his overalls read: I LIKE IKE.

"Who is Ike?" I asked.

"Ike wants to be the president. I am going to vote for him because running this country is a lot like riding a bicycle. You can lean to the left for a while, and be OK. But lean to the left too long and you are going to wreck. You can lean to the right for a time, and that, too, is OK. But lean

to the right to long and you are going to crash. I voted for Roosevelt and for Truman, and they did well. But I am going to vote for Ike because it's time to put the government back in balance."

I still remember his words because the years have proven them true.

Today, EB-5 and GEAR UP are evidence that state government has leaned to the right too long; and we would be naive to think a new standard bearer with the allegiances to the same political machine will change anything in Pierre. As for Washington, the President tweeted, "The biggest threat to America is the media" (Meaning the free press — a pillar of our democracy.)

It's scary that not a single Republican in Congress labeled the tweet for what it is — dangerous demagoguery.

Our current situation and problems have me thinking it's time to bring balance back to the governor's office and also in Washington because the older I get the more I appreciate the wisdom of an old man who didn't talk much.

Philip S. Hall