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MHS tennis sweeps at Huron Quad

HURON—The Mitchell High School girls tennis team swept three conference foes at the Huron Quadrangular on Saturday.

The Kernels knocked off Eastern South Dakota Conference members Aberdeen Central (8-1), Brandon Valley (7-2) and Huron (9-0) at Huron's Winter Park.

Mitchell's Madison Bohlen, Atlanta Stahle and Kiersten Bathke all went 6-0 on the day in singles and doubles action. Kelsey Dahme, Bohlen, Bathke and Stahle each went 3-0 in singles play.

Against the Tigers, Mitchell's No. 1 doubles team of Avery Larson and Dahme edged Kayla Harvey and Audrey Rubish, 11-10 (4).

Against Brandon Valley, Stahle and Amber Moller outlasted Michaela Jerke and Marie Pelletier in the No. 3 doubles 11-10 (4).

The No. 2 doubles team of Bohlen and Bathke went undefeated, as did the No. 3 doubles team of Stahle and Moller.

The Kernels host Sioux Falls Washington at 4 p.m. on Thursday at Hitchcock Park.

Huron Quadrangular

Saturday at Winter Park

Mitchell 8, Aberdeen Central 1


No. 1: Avery Larson (M) def. Olivia Goetz (AC), 10-6; No. 2: Kelsey Dahme (M) def. Mirra Frohling (AC), 10-8; No. 3: Madison Bohlen (M) def. Yufeng Peng (AC), 10-4; No. 4: Kiersten Batke (M) def. Jen Appl (AC), 10-7; No. 5: Atlanta Stahle (M) def. Emily Ringgenberg (AC), 10-6; No. 6: Megan Thone (AC) def. Olivia Huber (M), 10-2.


No. 1: Larson/Dahme (M) def. Goetz/Frohling (AC), 10-6; No. 2: Bohlen/Bathke (M) def. Peng/Appl (AC), 10-7; No. 3: Amber Moller/Stahle (M) def. Ringgenberg/Thone (AC), 11-9.

Mitchell 7, Brandon Valley 2


No. 1: Tanna Lehfeldt (BV) def. Larson (M), 10-1; No. 2: Dahme (M) def. Annabelle Schultz (BV), 10-5; No. 3: Bohlen (M) def. Sydney Pelletier (BV), 10-2; No. 4: Bathke (M) def. Michaela Jerke (BV), 11-9; No. 5: Stahle (M) def. Marie Pelletier (BV), 10-4; No. 6: Huber (M) def. Kate Lundberg (BV), 10-7.


No. 1: Lehfeldt/S. Pelletier (BV) def. Larson/Dahme (M), 10-6; No. 2: Bohlen/Bathke (M) def. Schultz/Lundberg (BV), 10-6; No. 3: Stahle/Moller (M) def. Jerke/M. Pelletier (BV), 11-10 (4).

Mitchell 9, Huron 0


No. 1: Larson (M) def. Kayla Harvey (H), 10-2; No. 2: Dahme (M) def. Audrey Rubish (H), 10-2; No. 3: Bohlen (M) def. Eh Ter Ler Hae (H), 10-1; No. 4: Bahke (M) def. Bethany Engelhart (H), 10-3; No. 5: Stahle (M) def. Madelynn Lord (H), 10-1; No. 6: Huber (M) def. Htee P. Say (H), 10-2.


No. 1: Larson/Dahme (M) def. Harvey/Rubish (H), 11-10 (4); No. 2: Bohlen/Bathke (M) def. Engelhart/Lord (H), 10-0; No. 3: Stahle/Moller (M) def. Say/Medina (H), 10-6.